Artifacts & Traditions

Godparents (padrinos and madrinas) are the sponsors for a Mexican wedding and provide the artifacts used in the ceremony. Additionally, they are mentors for the couple throughout their engagement and marriage.

Our Godparents:

Martin and Loma Cutter - Church
Manuel and Maria Cruz Loza - Arras (Gold Coins)
Valdemar and Cristina Alaniz Cruz - Lazo
Silvia Cruz Loza - Wedding Bands
Odette Garcia Cruz - Bible and Rosary
Valeria Neri Cruz - Pillows
Dora Alaniz Gonzales - Arroz and Bubbles
Edson and Sandra Ortiz Cruz - Recuerdos: Tree of Life Memories (Gifts for Guests)
Roberto Alcantara - Antique Car
Luis and Fabiola Garcia Cruz - Wedding Cake
Lorena Cruz Loza - Champagne Glasses
Lucero Gutierrez - Tequila

Flower Children:

Regina Neri Cruz
Alberto Neri Cruz
Emiliano Ortiz Cruz
Doroteo Ortiz Cruz